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Blue Collar Jobs

Wages paid to blue-collar workers and workers of the skilled trades are comparable to other professional sectors: they average about $ 40,000 and can culminate in the six figures in the case of the skilled trades foremen and project manager positions. Of course, once you master your craft and you decide you want to start as a general contractor, the income you can make is then unlimited. But it is not just a question of money.

Workers that know a specialized trade, show a higher satisfaction at work than the average, both in men than in women. In fact, on a website in British Columbia, Canada that deals with trades, it says that women have more confidence in their abilities when they learn a trade and work in their chosen field.

A lot of blue collar workers own a small business and provide a variety of services, from plumbing to carpet cleaning to general contracting for home renovations. A simple look at your local business directory or a google search can find the website of a local company that you need.

tradesSo what are the benefits of blue collar work?

Skilled trades have always had the bad reputation of being dirty, difficult and dangerous. Perhaps that was the case 20 years ago but things have changed and today the industry imposes extremely safe standards and gets increasingly eco-friendly year after year. And it is true that these jobs are more physically demanding than a desk job, but at least you’re not stuck in a tiny desktop eight hours per day, plus you stay in good shape without having to go to the fitness center. Up to you!

As for some people that are rather free and adventurous spirits, the fact of getting a job in the skilled trades has become more attractive. Every day when you see with your eyes what you have accomplished, you can feel great satisfaction.
Start by googling for information or call the employment office in your area to learn about the trades. If it worked for other people, there is no reason why it wont work for you.