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Adoption Words of Wisdom

Given that we have some experience in this area we feel that we can write about this subject and give some wisdom about it.


Rich in emotions, the arrival of an adopted child or children leads to a new dynamic in your family. Known as the period named “post-adoption”, this mutual adaptation is an essential step in building relationships.

In reality, this sensitive period is often far from the perfect and idealized image of the first time bonding with your child.

Although you are prepared for the arrival of your child, you may need an adjustment time. Following an adoptive procedure that has proven long and exhausting, you may be faced with your own reactions (physical and mental fatigue, misunderstandings and concerns, etc.). Your caring attitude towards your child can sometimes be poorly perceived. Your child may have confusing or disarming behavior to you (screaming, crying, difficulty sleeping, different eating habits).

unicefIt is important to remember that your child is not always prepared to adopt it. He must discover and adapt to its new relational environment, family and social. He must also get used to his new country, climate, food changes, new sounds and smells, as well as sometimes a new language. His daily life is totally transformed.

Rest assured, this period of adjustment and discovery in no way prejudice the future and well-being of your family.

It is essential in this time of discovery, not to be alone. It can be useful and valuable to be accompanied in the interpretation of difficult reactions and behaviors that occur or if everything does not go as you hoped. Skilled professionals are able to guide you, to guide you and will answer your questions and possible needs. This support can also come from school staff, parents associations or adopted children and people in your environment.